Terms of Service

Revision: 1.11 | Updated: 20 December 2020


  1. By purchasing, you get the digital file(s) of the commission. There is no physical item(s) to be delivered.
  2. Due to the nature of the commission as custom orders, I can’t issue a refund. I allow two small revisions after the work is done.
  3. Without purchasing the Extras, commissions are strictly for personal use only.
  4. There will be a tiny stamp + year of production on each illustration. This is my mini signature, and I ensure you that this will- in no way- obstruct the overall illustration.
  5. Prices are indicative, the final price may be different depending on the request itself.
  6. Credits are appreciated but not necessary, just be open and honest about the artist (in this case: Konayachi πŸ˜†) if anyone asks.

Ordering Steps

  1. First, read this Terms of Service page completely. By ordering, you acknowledge that you agree with my Terms of Service.
  2. Browse for the available commissions types. If you want to order something that is not listed, feel free to contact me: mail@konapple.me.
  3. I may refuse to work on the commission if I am uncomfortable in doing it.
  4. For personal commissions, you can order through my ko-fi page here. For commercial and work projects, please send the detail through email: mail@konapple.me.
  5. All payments are to be done in advance, the work will start after I receive the payment. I can have exceptions for huge commercial and work projects, which will be discussed on email.
  6. WIP is available upon requests. Without requests, I may not provide WIP at all.
  7. Depending on the work queue, complexity of the commissions and the quantity of your commissions, the commissions may take from a few days or up to several weeks. If you wish to tighten the deadline, let me know and I will arrange it for an extra fee.
  8. The finished files will be: full-sized and small-sized + watermarked. All will be sent to you via email or WeTransfer.


  1. By default, the artist (Konayachi) is the owner of the commissioned work.
  2. All commissions are purposed for personal use only. Personal use includes: profile picture, profile banner, PC wallpaper, phone wallpaper, self-print or any use with no profit made.
  3. I also offer upgrades which will allow you to use the commissions more widely:
    • Commercial Use (you can make profit from the commissions) = price + (price x 2)
    • Exclusivity (your commissions will not appear on my website and SNS for n years) = price + (price x (2 x n years)/10)
    • Copyright (ownership transfer) = price + (price x 5)
  4. Commercial Use upgrade provides you perpetual, irrevocable rights over the use of the work. However, it is not ownership transfer. Commercial Use includes: merchandises production (t-shirt, stickers, etc.), business purposes, anything which will generate profit for you.
  5. Exclusivity upgrade has expiry date based on how many years you purchased it for. Exclusivity will keep your commissions private for certain number of years (n) which will fully depend on how many years do you wish to purchase the upgrade.
  6. For ownership transfer, please include Copyright upgrade with your order. With Copyright upgrade, you gain ownership of the commissions and you will get both Commercial Use and perpetual Exclusivity altogether. With this, you provide me a licence which allows me to display the works in my portfolio.