Thank you for coming to this page 🧡 regardless whether you are considering to give some supports or you are just curious! I appreciate all of it, but with any monetary donations I prefer that you also receive something from me. 🥰

The best place to support me monetarily is on my ⭐Sponsus page⭐!
By supporting me there, you'll get access to daily posts: full-sized illustration, sketches, studies, behind the scenes, exclusive videos and more. If you have Discord, I can invite you to my server where I livestream myself drawing almost every day as well. I am also open to questions about art stuff there.

// from 14 December 2020, livestreams are unavailable until I upgrade my PC. ETA: January or February 2021.
Some payment methods may not be accepted by Sponsus at the moment, and so, you can also easily buy me a coffee here and here. With this method, it is only possible for me to reach you back if you write me your contact info: email or twitter handle. Otherwise, I have no mean to find you - but if it is the intention of the donation to be anonymous, then I'll upload a thank doodle dedicated for that publicly on my twitter page! 😄

Please only support me after you take care of your own needs first! All forms of donations are totally optional and I will still share lots of things publicly, albeit in slower pace. Alternatively, you can support me for free by following my twitter page. 🧡


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note: due to worldwide pandemic affecting postal services, please expect severe delays for packages. thank you for your kind understanding 🧡

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Thanks to your kind supports, I am able to improve my working tools and dedicate more time in art. Please refer to the list below to be informed on how I allocate your donations. Besides these things, the donations (especially the recurring ones) help me in monthly groceries and bills.