If you like what I'm making and would love to support me in making more arts, you're welcomed to read ways of supporting me as listed below. 🥰

1.) twitter

The easiest support you can give to me is to follow my twitter: leave replies, likes and retweets on my art posts there. 🧡
You can also follow me on other social network services, but I'm mostly active on twitter.

2.) commission and/or shops

You can also support me by hiring me for art commissions and/ or buying some stuff from my shops!

3.) sponsus

For monetary supports, I prefer that you also receive something from me in return of the donations - and so, you're welcomed to subscribe to my ⭐Sponsus page⭐!
You can donate monthly or one-time in Sponsus, and with at least $5, you'll get access to daily posts: full-sized illustration, sketches, studies, behind the scenes, exclusive videos and more.
If you have Discord, I can invite you to my server where I livestream*) myself drawing almost every day as well. I am also open to questions about art stuff there.

Some payment methods may not be accepted by Sponsus at the moment, and so, donations can also be done through ko-fi and buymeacoffee. For at least $5 of donations, I'll gift you a one-month access to my Sponsus feed (after verification).

Please only donate if you are fully comfortable, since all forms of donations are not refundable.

*) from 14 December 2020, livestreams are unavailable until I upgrade my PC. ETA: ?? 2021.

artist goals

Thanks to your kind supports, I am able to improve my working tools and dedicate more time in art. Please refer to the list below to be informed on how I allocate your donations. Besides these things, all supports will go back into creating more art daily.