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Hello! This is Konayachi U惻į“„惻U)惎āœæ
I started digital art in 2008, but only started to take it seriously in 2018.

Konayachi is my pseudonym which I created in 2008 when I first started going online and making art digitally. The name is from neko (cat šŸ± in japanese) + Ayame (wolf šŸŗ in InuYasha) + -chi (Ojamajo Doremi's tagline: "Pretty Witchy Doremi-chi!").
I made an alternative 'brand' name 'Konapple', it came from neko + apple šŸŽ. Eventually I bought a domain based on it (

I am a self-taught artist, I don't have any art education or lessons. I work on my art skills by tons of trial and errors, and with online resources such as YouTube, artists' packs, etc.

For any inquiries:

art style

Mostly making cute, anime/manga art! You'll see lots of:

My art style is very specific, but I'm open in learning new things.

art tools

I much prefer to work digitally; but I also enjoy sketches and fun doodles with paper and pen.

tips and donations allocations

Thanks to your kind supports, I am able to improve my working tools and dedicate more time in art. This list records how I allocate all of the supports into activities and things towards my freelancing artist's journey.