Konayachi (pseudonym), Digital Artist/ Illustrator. I like to draw cute stuff and daydream warm, hearty stories. (est. 2008) is a small brand that I made to collect all of my artistic creation.


Commissions Prices

I draw: cute illustration people (more xp and strength in females), fanart of your OC, fluffy characters, freestyle and simplified objects and patterns.
I may refuse commissions beyond my skills and/ or interests, but I'm always interested in reading your proposals. Fill in my commissions form and let's discuss!

Portraits @ 30€

Full Body @ 25€ ~ 40€

Terms of Service

Revision: 1.10 | Updated: 14 July 2020

⭐ My styles are: cute, sparkly, fluffy, simple characters - as shown on portfolio above/ my galleries online. I may refuse if the commissions are not suitable with my art style.
⭐ My preferred communication method is by email. I mostly won't reply any DMs on my SNS since I turn off all of my notifications.
⭐ Payment is upfront before the commissions start, with no refunds.
⭐ Prices are indicative, it may increase/ decrease with more/ less detailed commissions.
⭐ Working time is between a few days - some weeks depending on the quantity and difficulty of the commissions itself.
⭐ WIP is available upon requesting.
⭐ Commissions will be sent digitally.
⭐ Minor colour revisions are allowed with limited times. Major revisions due to improper image references given will cost a new commission invoice for you.
⭐ Commissions will come with licences (personal use/ commercial use/ exclusivity/ copyright) which you will have to choose when ordering.
⭐ The artist (me, Konayachi) retains the copyright of the commissions unless the customers (you) purchase the Copyright licence.
Commercial Use licence provides you perpetual, irrevocable rights over the use of the work. However, it is not ownership transfer.
Exclusivity licence has expiry date based on how many years you purchased it for. Exclusivity will keep your commissions private for certain number of years (n) which will fully depend on how many years do you wish to purchase the upgrade.
⭐ For ownership transfer, please include Copyright licence with your order. With Copyright upgrade, you gain ownership of the commissions and you will get both Commercial Use and Exclusivity altogether.

💌 When you are ready, fill in this form to order commissions.

Characters Board

Name: Chika
Blood Type: O
Birthday: 04/04
Favourite Food: Strawberry Tart

Name: Sumi
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 06/06
Favourite Food: Lemon Meringue Cake

Name: Anne
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: 10/10
Favourite Food: Chestnut Pie

Name: Lulu
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 02/02
Favourite Food: Gingerbread Cookie

Name: Lena (previously Zozo)
Blood Type: O
Birthday: 26/10
Favourite Food: Choco Pocky

Name: Dawn (previously Snow)
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 07/07
Favourite Food: Ginger Lollipop

Name: Cara
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 09/09
Favourite Food: Caramel BItes

Name: Kitty (the Dog)
Blood Type: A
Birthday: 08/08
Favourite Food: Fruit Parfait

Name: Cotton
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 01/01
Favourite Food: Tang Yuan (sweet peanuts)

Name: Mist
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 01/01
Favourite Food: Tang Yuan (black sesame)