Assorted illustration pieces I made for fun.


Landscape painting studies. My favourite theme is darker sky (dawn, sunrise, sunset, dusk, midnight, etc.)


I started to make animal themed illustration every lunar new year (CNY) since 2015, it sort of becomes a small tradition of mine to do it annually.


Anime, manga, and favourite celebrities fanart I made for fun!

client works

Commissioned works I did for clients, friends, families and more. More info: here.


Small animations I made for fun. They were all made manually, frame by frame. I'm still a learning amateur. πŸ˜…


Small stuff I designed and make. All images are original by yours truly πŸ₯° You can buy them here.

original characters

Original Characters are characters who I made and designed by myself for my personal artistic projects. Click here for more info.

original characters

Forest Patron
A fictional universe representing two energy forces: Lena who represents the fighter (Sun) and Dawn who represents the healer (Moon).

Profile Picture

Name: Lena (formerly Zozo)
Birthday: 28/04
Height: 1.68m
Blood Type: O
Favourite Food: Peaches

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Name: Dawn
Birthday: 31/12
Height: 1.50m
Blood Type: B
Favourite Food: Raspberries

Four equivalent characters which I made with four different personalities and themes. I draw them as a way to practice for character designs, themed illustrations, to balance the harmony of diversity and also – I just generally love colourful, diversed characters! 😊✨

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Name: Chika
Blood Type: O
Theme: Spring – Pink
Favourite Food: Strawberry Tart
Personalities: 'The Leader', stubborn, party person.

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Name: Sumi
Blood Type: A
Theme: Summer – Blue
Favourite Food: Lemon Meringue Cake
Personalities: 'The Carer', cooks well, hates exercise.

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Name: Anne
Blood Type: AB
Theme: Autumn – Yellow
Favourite Food: Chestnut Pie
Personalities: 'The Smarty', bookworm, loves argument.

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Name: Lulu
Blood Type: B
Theme: Winter – Green
Favourite Food: Gingerbread Cookie
Personalities: 'The Rebel', sporty, glutton.

Kitty the Dog
A papillon doggy! Kitty is rescued by Chika and the rest of Imagia takes care of Kitty.

Cotton & Mist
Mouse mascots for Year of the Rat! They represent Fortune (Cotton), Bless (Mist), Happiness (Cotton & Mist).
They are Imagia's neighbours; living on the other side of the apartment.

commissions: open

I can draw based on any characters and any clothes, original or based on existing property, according to your reference(s) with my style. In summary, my strengths are:
βœ… Cute girls
βœ… Personal, original characters
βœ… Lovely, fluffy creatures
βœ… Monochrome and simple pastel colours
βœ… Deformed (chibi) and non-deformed
βœ… Simple patterns
βœ… Free-styled lines
βœ… Sparkles and small accents around

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.

Prices are in €, per character. Detailed characters may incur extra fees – feel free to discuss. 😊


Lineart20€B/W Lineart, white background.
1 Colour25€B/W Lineart, 1 colour accent, white background.
Full Colour40€Fully coloured, transparent/ solid colour background.


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Full Colour30€Fully coloured, transparent/ solid colour background.

❗❗ Read my Terms of Service before ordering.
πŸ’Œ Ready to order? Contact me!

terms of service

Revision: 1.10 | Updated: 14 July 2020

a.) General

1.) By purchasing, you get the digital file(s) of the commission. There is no physical item(s) to be delivered.
2.) Due to the nature of the commission as custom orders, I can’t issue a refund. However, if my work allows me to, I may provide you reasonable amount of minor revisions until you are satisfactory (usually up to three revisions, it can be discussed if more revisions are required – with some extra fees).
3.) In case of you are unable to provide me image references, there will be extra fee for the designing. This fee will increase accordingly to the complexity of your description. Note that my natural style is cute-kawaii kind of thing, keep this in mind when you wish to commission me designing works.
4.) Without purchasing the Extras, commissioned drawings are strictly for personal use only.
5.) There will be a tiny stamp + year of production on each illustration. I ensure you that this will- in no way- obstruct the overall illustration.
6.) Prices are indicative, the final price may be different depending on the request itself.
7.) Credits will be very appreciated! (Konayachi Han/

b.) Ordering

1.) Fill in the form of the commissions accordingly to order.
2.) I will respond to your order (at most 1x24hr) with my confirmation and the total price. I will also let you know about your position in my work queue at the moment of ordering – just in case there are some works already aligning.
3.) I may refuse to work on the commission if I am uncomfortable in doing it. There is no definite list of what I will refuse to draw, I am always open to see your proposal and references – feel free to send all the needed information to me anyway!
4.) Payment will be upfront. I accept payment via Paypal or Ko-fi. I will be waiting for your full payment before I start working on the commission.
5.) WIP is available upon request. Otherwise I will not produce it.
6.) Depending on the work queue, complexity of the commissions and the quantity of your commissions, the commissions may take from a few days or up to several weeks. If you wish to tighten the deadline, let me know and I will arrange it for an extra fee.
7.) Final preview will be sent in low-res, watermarked. I accept small colour changes at this point, but I can’t redraw everything from scratch any more unless it is counted as another commission- which I will have to send you an invoice again.
8.) After approval on the final preview, I will share the original file through email/ WeTransfer (if it is large/ in bulk).

c.) Business

1.) By default, the artist (Konayachi Han) is the owner of the commissioned work.
2.) All commissions are purposed for personal use only. Personal use includes: profile picture, profile banner, PC wallpaper, phone wallpaper, self-print or any use with no profit made.
3.) I also offer upgrades which will allow you to use the commissions more widely:

»» Commercial Use (you can make profit from the commissions) = price + (price x 2)
»» Exclusivity (your commissions will not appear on my website and SNS for n years) = price + (price x (2 x n years)/10)
»» Copyright (ownership transfer) = price + (price x 5)

3.) Commercial Use upgrade provides you perpetual, irrevocable rights over the use of the work. However, it is not ownership transfer. Commercial Use includes: merchandises production (t-shirt, stickers, etc.), business purposes, anything which will generate profit for you.
4.) Exclusivity upgrade has expiry date based on how many years you purchased it for. Exclusivity will keep your commissions private for certain number of years (n) which will fully depend on how many years do you wish to purchase the upgrade.
5.) For ownership transfer, please include Copyright upgrade with your order. With Copyright upgrade, you gain ownership of the commissions and you will get both Commercial Use and Exclusivity altogether.


I make small stuff! Feel free to have a look 😊✨

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Currently open for commissions, artistic inquiries and project proposals.
For commissions, I'll reply to your message with a detailed form for you to fill in.

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Konayachi Han (pseudonym), Digital Artist/ Illustrator. I draw cute and colourful stuff ✨ (est. 2008) is a small brand that I made to collect all of my artistic creation.

Software: Clip Studio Paint

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