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art packs

what is this art pack about?

It is a collection of illustration, sketches, doodles and everything else I draw on each month.
Feel free to learn from these files and add it to your art pack collections. 🧡 However:
The licence from this art pack is limited to personal use only. It is strictly prohibited to use otherwise, including, but not limited to: redistributing, repurposing, transforming, repackaging, reselling and sharing with 3rd parties.

All files in this art pack belong to Konayachi ( All Rights Reserved.

what is inside the art pack?

Since August 2021, each Art Pack has these files included:

  1. Art Booklet (PDF)
    Preview of what I draw each month + small commentaries. More texts available since March 2022.
  2. Hi-Res Images (JPG/ PNG/ GIF)
    The hi-res image files of everything I draw each month. *)
  3. Timelapse Videos
    Full time/ speed up videos of my art making progress with various speed. *)
  4. Layered Files
    Layered files of my illust. Since January 2022, it is fully .kra (krita file). Before that, it is a mix of .kra and .clip files.
    The layers are not organised/ properly renamed, but everything is intact.
*) The number of files on the buttons below are for unique illust. Sometimes there are several files for the same illust and I count them as 1, so in some packs, there may be more files than what's written below.

Before August 2021, I only have Art Booklets as my files are too scarced for me to organise art packs out of them.
Also, I will merge older monthly Art Pack into yearly Art Packs after some time has passed.

how much is it?

  1. Booklet (5€) = Art Booklet (PDF)
  2. Hi-Res (10€) = Art Booklet (PDF) + Hi-Res Images (JPG/ PNG/ GIF)
  3. Extra Videos (25€) = Art Booklet (PDF) + Hi-Res Images (JPG/ PNG/ GIF) + Timelapse Videos
  4. Extra Layered Files (25€) = Art Booklet (PDF) + Hi-Res Images (JPG/ PNG/ GIF) + Layered Files
  5. Extra Everything! (35€) = all of the above!

The number of items in the art packs vary each month, written below on each month.
Alternatively, you can get these above (except Layered Files) by subscribing to my Sponsus page. You will get daily art posts feed and I also write more!

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