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visual novels

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Yearly themed wall calendars, with cute, colourful illustration.
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2022 - starry honey carrot cake

It is a more specific theme for this year. Still with Illa Café caretakers, it is a sequential, continuous illustration of what happens in the Café. Flip on more pages to know what will happen next!

2021 - from day to day

I started working on Illa Café's concept! Four caretakers of the Café are: Chika, Sumi, Ellie and Lulu with the Café pet Kitty the dog. The theme is about their daily activities in the Café and things they do together.

2020 - pastel cotton and mist

2020 is year of the rat! I made two rat mascots: Cotton and Mist and drew pastel-coloured illustration of them as the theme of 2020 wall calendar.


Stickers, wooden charms, tote bags, sweaters, etc.


Polymer clay, air dry clay, etc.
Not my forte but it is fun to do every now and then.