Status: OPEN

Welcome! You will find rates and info of my commissions in this page.

general info

Important: please send all work inquiries through email only. I don't monitor other direct messaging systems.

I am very happy to draw:
  • original characters
  • fanarts *)
  • small chonk animals (cute)
  • characters with some animal features (ears, tails, wings, paws)
  • sky and clouds

*) I will not sell commercial usage licence for fanarts that don't belong to the clients themselves - I just cannot legally do that.

Other than those mentioned above, I may not perform as well. Please confirm with me first in discussions, I'll always attempt a free sketch for you to see if we can work together or not.

I do my best to keep my commission samples up to date.
I may be able to work with my own older art styles that you can find in my gallery, but I may refuse it.
I will not copy other artists' style.

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.


Here are some guides of the prices below:

  • the fixed, written prices are for one character
  • extra character in same canvas = price + 75%
  • extra pet/ prop/ frame = price + 50%
  • extra timelapse video (.mp4) = + 10€
  • commercial usage licence and more = read more in the Terms of Service

Prices are in Euro, payment through Ko-fi commissions menu.
I also accept IDR, payment is via OVO. The price equivalency will be € price * 10,000 IDR.

Most of my style is simplistic so all details will be tuned down. I'm open for discussions! :)

ko-fi doodles

  • Plain lineart + 1 extra colour for accent.
  • No revision and other requests; this is a very quick, sketchy doodle in proportion of the ko-fi tips.
  • See past doodles on ko-fi!
Type Price (minimum)
animal/ pet 1x coffee
portrait 8x coffee

cute chibi

Type Price (€)
Lineart 20
Monochrome 25
Coloured 35


Type Price (€)
Lineart 25
Monochrome 30
Coloured 40

other services?

Send me an email to discuss with me! I'd love to hear from you.

commissioned results

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