Status: OPEN

Welcome! You will find rates and info of my commissions in this page.

general info

I am very happy to draw:

  • your original characters
  • fanarts of known IPs *)
  • small chonk animals (cute)
  • characters with some animal features (ears, tails, wings, paws)
  • sky and clouds
*) I cannot sell commercial use for characters that you don't own.

I draw freestyle without the restriction of geometry graphics. Every line is organically drawn by hand.
My strength is cute and family-friendly illustration. Every day I learn to improve my skills and to learn new styles!

I do my best to keep my commission samples up to date.
I may be able to work with my own older art styles that you can find in my gallery, just let me know.
I will not be able to copy other artists' style.

Most of my style is simplistic so all details will be tuned down. But I'm open for discussions to see what you want and what I can do! :D

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.


1. Initiate discussions.

This can be done through e-mail or Fiverr.

2. Sketch approval.

I will do free rough sketch for you to help you see how will the commission look like.

3. Sketch revision(s).

We can go over the sketch until we reach an agreement.

4. Payment.

Once we are both happy with the sketch, I will await your payment before I start working on the commission fully.
I will only request the payment after my queue is clear and I'm ready to work on your commission immediately.

*) Payment can be made on Fiverr or custom Paypal invoice.

5. Commission delivery.

I will send you the final result of the commission.
*) It can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the amount of commissions requested.


I can do the following styles for all kind of commissions:

Art Style Price
Lineart base price
Monochrome base price * 1.5
Halftone + Beta unavailable
Coloured base price * 3

More information:

  • The prices below are base price. Base price will change accordingly.
  • Prices are in Euro €. I also accept IDR (equivalency of € price * 10,000).
  • If you want the timelapse video (.mp4), it will cost an addition of €10.
  • Prices are for personal use only.
  • Commercial usage of the commissions and others can be discussed. You can have an idea of how it works in the Terms of Service. They are negotiable and flexible, depending on the works, complexities and other factors.

ko-fi doodle

  • this is a "pay what you want" request box.
  • request is limited to the text space during tipping.
  • only available in lineart style, but I will give one colour accent to complement the doodle.
  • no revision, results will be shared on my ko-fi page right away.


Type Description Base Price
Blob One pet, blob style, default pose. 5
Fluffy One pet, fluffy style, default pose. 10
Fluffy with pose One pet, fluffy style, with any pose that you want. 15


Type Description Base Price
Chibi (2-head figure) Full body character illustration in 2-head proportion, small and cute. 10
Headshot Up-to-bust wide character illustration, suitable for icons. 10
Half-body Up-to-waist character illustration, great for PNGtubers. 15
Full-body Full composition of character illustration. 20

seamless pattern

Type Description Base Price
1-to-many stamps 1 shape, duplicated with unlimited colours & patterns all over the canvas. 10
Floating friends Up to 5 characters floating all over the canvas. 20
Interactive friends Up to 5 characters interacting with each other, spread all over the canvas. 30

other services?

Send me an email to discuss with me! I'd love to hear from you.