Status: OPEN

Welcome! You will find rates and info of my commissions in this page.

general info

I am very happy to draw:

  • your original characters
  • fanarts of known IPs *)
  • small chonk animals (cute)
  • characters with some animal features (ears, tails, wings, paws)
  • sky and clouds
*) I cannot sell commercial use for characters that you don't own, unless there is an explicit agreement.

I draw freestyle without the restriction of geometry graphics. Every line is organically drawn by hand.
My strength is cute and family-friendly illustration. Every day I learn to improve my skills and to learn new styles!

I do my best to keep my commission samples up to date.
I may be able to work with my own older art styles that you can find in my gallery, just let me know.
I will not be able to copy other artists' style. I am happy to experiment with new feels and styles, if the projects can be improved with it - I'm quite flexible! =D

Most of my style is cute and simplistic, so many times I tune down details. If needed, I'll do my best to put as many details as needed, given that it is within my skills.

By commissioning me, hopefully you can enjoy my artistic interpretation of your chosen subjects.

These prices are for quick commissions. If you're interested in working with me for a bigger project, send me an e-mail about the works and we can discuss for a different rate.

Please take your time to read my Terms of Service. Thank you.