characters board (WIP)

This page is the character boards of the universes that I created!
You can see lovely artists who make fanart of my characters here!

All of my characters are adults.
Birthday format: [Day].[Month]

Original Characters

My mascot or persona, characters I draw loosely without being tied to any universe.

  • Kitty (the Dog)
    birthday: 08.08
  • Lena (fluttering light)
    birthday: 09.03

Pippa the Witchy

From my original comic Pippa the Witchy.

  • Pippa (animals whisperer)
    birthday: 05.05

To: You

From my original comic To: You.

  • Bell (ring)
    birthday: 03.03
  • Haru (warmth)
    birthday: 04.04

Illa Café

A kinetic slice-of-life visual novel about a small cafe in a small town.

  • Chika (little flowers)
    birthday: 04.04
    type: O
  • Sumi (gentle waves)
    birthday: 06.06
    type: A
  • Ellie (shiny stars)
    birthday: 10.10
    type: AB
  • Lulu (playful moon)
    birthday: 02.02
    type: B
  • Julien (protagonist)
    birthday: 01.01
    type: B
  • Theodore (secondary)
    birthday: 07.07
    type: O
  • Cotton (???)
    birthday: 11.11
    type: A
  • Mist (???)
    birthday: 11.11
    type: AB

TBA Projects

These characters belong to a project I'd like to keep secret for now. Stay tuned for them!

  • Yuna (colourful dreams)
    birthday: 12.12
  • Yumi (little friend)
    birthday: 09.09