characters board (WIP)

Original Characters made by Konayachi!
You can see lovely artists who make fanart of my characters here!

OCs (original characters)

Loose characters that don't belong on certain universe. I draw them leisurely.

  • Kitty
    birthday: 08.08
    type: male (?) cream cocker spaniel puppy
  • Lena (was Zoe/ Zozo)
    birthday: 09.03
    type: O


Characters from one-off comics, lores, etc.

  • Yuna (was Dawn/ Snow)
    birthday: 12.12
    type: A
  • Yumi (was Cara)
    birthday: 09.09
    type: A
  • Pippa
    birthday: 05.05
    type: B

Illa Café

A fictional universe I'm currently building. I'm planning it to be made in visual novel medium.
The characters listed below are (planned to be) Illa Café-exclusive characters.

  • Chika (little flowers)
    birthday: 04.04
    type: O
  • Sumi (Sumichy)
    birthday: 06.06
    type: A
  • Ellie (Annelie)
    birthday: 10.10
    type: AB
  • Lulu (???)
    birthday: 02.02
    type: B
  • Julien (Juju)
    birthday: 01.01
    type: O
  • Cotton
    birthday: 11.11
    type: O
  • Mist
    birthday: 11.11
    type: O

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