Illa Café development starts!

written on: 2021-06-03

what is Illa Café?

In short, it is a passion project of mine in form of Visual Novel!
Illa Café is a cozy lounge where people can enjoy delicious treats, take a break, relax, hang out and have fun.
It is run by the caretakers: Chika, Sumi, Ellie and Lulu together.
Not much is known for its origin, but the café has been serving everyone for as long as they remember.
Through Julien -- the main character of this Visual Novel -- we will visit the café and enjoy the experiences they offer.

why Visual Novel?

I've been wanting to make a VN since 2015, however I've only gotten to actually go for it now due to various reasons.
The concept has existed in my mind rent-free for years since then. I like the idea of a fictional world where I'm able to visit every now and then, being able to experience and discover new things.
With this VN, things I've dreamt of will be experienced by Julien.

Initially I wanted a fantasy concept of magic and fairies with mystery, but now when I decided to start working on it, I changed my mind and set the genre to be a normal slice-of-life and light story.
For my first VN, I think it is the best to stay within the slice-of-life first before I'll try to do fantasy genre.
Even so, I'm always fond of fantasy stories, and so, in the future I will be doing fantasy VN.
Illa Café is special for me, so I want to nurture its growth organically and slowly.
Also, I'm thinking that Illa Café lets me learn all the things about VN building, writing, drawing, programming and game-designing. Everything at once.
I'm thankful for this chance, and so, this VN is a precious passion project for me.

In between the VN building days (years, I'd say), I'll occasionally draw little things here and there, non-VN related. However, there is no time without thinking what I want to put in VN - Illa Café.

what's there so far?

For starter, this is my first concept of Illa Café:

A cosy old building with shrubs around it, random(?) table and chair outside, in the middle of nowhere.

Since I decided that Illa Café is a slice-of-life VN, I scrapped the "in the middle of nowhere" concept and I decided that it will be located in a three-storey building in a small village road.

is there any ETA?

At the moment, there is no ETA unfortunately. But I will keep it updated here.
If you are interested in Illa Café, I will be very grateful! I share development notes on Sponsus, they are posted every Sunday.

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